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How to Make Google Ads Search (PPC) Campaigns More Effective

how to make google ads search PPC campaigns more rffective

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How to Make Google Ads Search (PPC) Campaigns More Effective?

Paid advertising and PPC optimization are important components of any marketing strategy because they give companies instant access to new markets and increase lead generation, website traffic, user engagement, and revenue. However, if PPC ads are not correctly optimized, they could end up costing a lot of money and not yielding enough return on investment to justify the effort and money spent on them.

Ad optimization is a difficult procedure that needs patience, focus, and smart consideration. Even if you have previously made a conscious effort to set up a PPC, there is likely an opportunity for improvement. To optimize your campaigns, you might not necessarily need to make major changes to them. Changing a few things here and there can be sufficient to increase your click-through rates and conversions and make sure you are.

Here are some tips for optimizing your Google PPC (pay-per-click) ads:

  • Relevant Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Keyword Match Type
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Ad Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Ad Extensions
  • Quality Score
  • Automated Bidding
  • Monitor and Analyze Results

So, let’s jump on it.

  1. Relevant Keywords

Make sure the keywords you use in your ad campaign are relevant to your product or service. This will help ensure that your ad is shown to users who are interested in what you have to offer.

keyword research zhengsway
Use Relevant Keywords & Negative Keywords

While choosing the right keywords, you need to think like a customer and also study the competition on that keyword. Should use keyword research tools and then finalize the keywords. 

2. Negative Keywords

One of those search marketing characteristics with more to it than meets the eye is negative keywords. They can help you save money on the highest quality searches when utilized properly.  First off, you need to have a list of the negative terms that apply to accounts like yours. This is an excellent place to start, but you’ll need to filter them for relevancy and make sure they don’t eliminate key terms from your ads.

In order to discover related terms and choose what you might want to separate out, you can always explore Google Keyword Planner after creating a keyword list. To find fresh negative keywords, you should also use Google’s search query (or keyword detail) report. It’s by far the most effective technique to identify the actual queries that are bringing up your advertising and eliminate the irrelevant ones.

3. Keyword Match Type

There may be some keyword combinations that you want to use in your campaign’s ads. For instance, we believe that the Facebook retargeting pixel may work well for our campaign.

This keyword can be used to describe the resources on our website for training on installing pixels or locating pixel code in an advertisement. Therefore, we must create a connection between the phrases and advertisements that we can utilize for marketing objectives and the location of such advertisements.

keyword match type nextwinz

As we’ve already said, one way to improve marketing performance is by adding and eliminating keywords. The adverts themselves could be optimized as an additional strategy.

4. Cost Per Conversion

So, now you are currently tracking conversions. But how can you find out whether your campaign is beneficial or not? Then the answer is “Cost Per Conversion.”  Using this statistic, you may evaluate the campaign’s success in generating conversions based on the actual cost of acquiring those conversions.

cost per conversion nextwinz

Although ROAS, CAC, and LTV are also additional relevant conversion metrics to consider, for the sake of this essay, we will focus on Cost / Conversion as our primary optimization indicator. Find more details about how to maximize your ROI and ROAS with google ads. 

5. Ad Click Through Rate (CTR)

CTR, or click-through rate, is a crucial ad metric. We must figure out how to raise this pace. Utilizing this technique, you may optimize the headlines and content of your advertising by reviewing the search term report.

CTR formula how to calculate ctr nextwinzFor instance, we have two adverts for a retargeting challenge in our reports. Only one of the advertisements is performing better, though. The ratio of clicks to impressions tells how effective an advertisement is. So it could be appropriate to temporarily suspend the second advertisement.

Additionally, by modifying the components of the higher-performing ad, we can construct a split test and another ad.

6. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to add more information to your ads, such as your business location, phone number, or a link to specific pages on your website. This can help improve the performance of your ad and increase the likelihood that users will click on it.

7. Automated Bidding

At the campaign level, automatic Bidding will be used. Open the campaign’s Settings section as a result.

Change your bid strategy by going to Bidding.

automated bidding

Decide on Increase conversions. Setting a target cost per action is another option available to you.

Let’s say you set the target price at $50. There is always a chance that Google will stop showing you results, and you won’t get any clicks. So, to fill in some campaign data in the early going, we advise beginning with Maximize conversions. You can also attempt to gradually lower the cost of each conversion. Once finished, click Save.

Once completed, we’ll check to see if the procedure went smoothly. Open the ad group for which the bidding strategy was changed. You’ll observe that you don’t have. Here you learn 7 types of bidding strategy

8. Monitor and Analyze Results

Use the data and analytics provided by Google to monitor the performance of your ad campaign. This will allow you to see how your ads are performing and make adjustments as needed to optimize their performance.

How to Make Google Ads Search PPC Campaigns More Effective


These are the eight stages we employ to optimize Google Ads search campaigns, so there you have it. Keep in mind that you should be fine as long as you’re using statistics to guide your selections.

Have you already used one of these Google Ads campaign optimization techniques? Which of these eight optimization techniques will you be employing going forward? Tell us in the comments section below!

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