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What is Off Page SEO? How to do off page SEO?

Off Page SEO

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What is off-page SEO? There is only one effective way or rule to increase the search engine traffic of any website.

That is SEO (Search engine optimization).

By doing SEO, your website or blog articles can be brought to the first page of results in Google search or other search engines.

Simply put, as a result of proper SEO, the ranking of our blog or website in Google or other search engines becomes much better.

In this, your blog or website will get a lot of “organic search engine traffic”.

What does SEO mean? I have already told you what it does and how to do it. In fact, there are two types of “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO.

What is On Page SEO, I have already written about this in my previous article. So, in this article I will only tell you about “off-page SEO“. (What Is Off Page SEO)

onpage seo services off page
onpage seo services off page

What is off-page SEO?

If we talk about “On Page SEO”, then here we try to make our blog content or article the best and best, so that search engines like our content. On page SEO refers to “optimization” techniques limited to within your own website or blog. And, frankly, on-page SEO is much more important than off-page SEO when it comes to blogging.

I am telling you this from my own experience. Because, according to Google, “quality of content” is the most important thing. If the content written by you is of good quality, people are reading it well and it is coming to their work, visitors are spending a lot of time reading your article, then the ranking of your blog in Google search engine will be good.

Moreover, we must use “On-page SEO” properly to explain the topic or keywords of your blog article to google search bots. Now, if everything is done by on-page seo and writing quality content, then what is the function of off-page seo?

Off-page SEO means “optimizing your website for search engines” using techniques that don’t involve working directly inside the website.

Meaning, to do search engine optimization through this, you have to go completely outside the website and use some SEO techniques.

By using off page SEO techniques, we can create a good reputation of the website by branding our website on the internet.

Now, if your blog content is better and better, if the blog has a good reputation on the internet, the blog is popular then it becomes an opportunity to get more traffic from Google search engine.

Because, popular and well-reputed websites are preferred by Google.

For branding your website or building a good reputation for your blog, apart from writing good quality content, all the other means you can use are called “off-page SEO techniques”.

So, as much attention is paid to on-page SEO techniques, some amount of attention should be given to the process of off-page SEO.

Now maybe you have understood well that, “What is Off Page SEO“. (About off-page SEO)

How to do off page SEO?

Now let us know below, “how to do off-page seo”. Meaning, what are some of the best off-page seo techniques?

Create Backlinks

In hindsight, off-page SEO refers to “backlink building”. There are various means of building backlinks for a blog or website. Backlink means having a link (URL address) of your website or blog on any other website or blog.

The more good and high quality and high DA / PA websites you get backlinks to your website, the more popular and reputed your website will be in the eyes of Google. Backlink building is the most important part of off page search engine optimization.

If you get backlinks to your website from websites with good domain authority, your website’s “domain authority” and “search engine ranking” will increase.

Social media engagement

The more traffic or visitors you get to your website from each social media profile, the better Google search will rank your website.

Maintaining social media engagement on blogs is considered a major off page SEO technique. So, you should be active with your blog and blog content on social media accounts.

Meaning, you have to create a page or profile of your website on,,,, and some other popular high DA/PA social media platforms.

Then, share the content and articles of the regular blog on the social profiles of your website. In this, your blog and website will gain name, popularity and social media backlinks will continue to build.

When someone clicks on your blog article shared on social media profiles and comes to your blog, you get a valid social traffic. And, as I said before, every social media traffic is very important for your blog’s off-page SEO.

What is local SEO and why is it so important for your Business?

Because, Google search can estimate your website’s popularity and reputation through social media traffic. Through social media traffic, Google understands that the content you write on the Internet is very popular among people.

Therefore, your blog content gets a chance to rank well in the search engine by Google. So remember, try to get some traffic to your website from social media.

Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking website is an online service where users can save any website or web pages or links as bookmarks and share those links with others. To promote and market your website or blog online, these types of social bookmarking websites will come in handy.

When you bookmark any page of the website, on these social bookmarking sites, you will get backlinks along with getting some free direct traffic on that page. Also, other people will know about your blog, through your bookmarked website link. This will be very beneficial in branding your blog.

Names of some free and popular social bookmarking websites are –


You can easily bookmark your blog link by creating an account on these social bookmarking websites.

Forum submissions

There are many high DA do-follow forum websites on the internet, where people can go to solve problems and answer questions.

Yes, definitely join such forum websites, which are related to the topic, niche or subject of your blog. When solving a problem or answering a question, you can always link to your blog articles related to the answer. In this, you will have a chance to generate good do-follow backlinks for your blog or website.

Some of the best do-follow forum submission websites are –


You will surely find the names of many more forum websites on the internet. In this way you can create good quality backlinks for your blog.

Blog directory submission

Directory submission websites have always been a good and effective way to generate good and high quality backlinks.

You just need to visit some good high DA and do-follow blogging directory website and register. You have to submit your blog/website link in the registration process. Then, save a category related to your blog among the various categories in the directory. By submitting your blog’s URL link, you will get a backlink from that directory website. Hey, it might take a little time to get the results, but when you get the results it will be useful for your website for a long time.

Some popular and best high DA/PA directory submission websites are –


You will find many more directory websites on the internet.

Question and Answer Sites

You can get good amount of direct traffic and quality backlinks from some popular and high DA question & answer websites like and

People ask questions on various topics on these typs of question & answer websites. You just need to find questions related to the topic of your blog article and answer those questions. And, don’t forget to link the URL of your blog article with the answer.

In this, getting traffic from these high quality question answer websites will also generate some quality backlinks for your website. Moreover, this way you can build a good reputation and brand of your website. Because this way more people will know about your website.

Guest posting

Guest posting can also be called guest blogging. Guest posting means writing an article and publishing it on another person’s blog or website.

Now you might be thinking, why should I write an article and publish it on someone else’s blog? See, guest posting is a process through which I can bring countless high quality backlinks and direct referral traffic to my blog. And high quality backlink means good impact on blog SEO.

What do you have to do here?

First of all, find 4 to 5 blogs that are related and similar to your blog topic or niche. Then, email them with the blog owner’s email id from the blog.

In the email you write that you want to write an article for their blog. Means, want to guest post. For many blogs, there is an option for guest posting. Now, if the blog owner allows you to be a guest, write an interesting and high quality article. At any particular place in the article, give only one link to your blog. Now, when the article with your blog link is published by the blog owner on that other blog, you will benefit from his blog in two ways.

1.You will get direct traffic from that blog by the link of your blog given in the article.
2.Since your blog link will be in the article, high quality backlink will be created for your blog.

So, guest blogging is the best way to generate good and high quality backlinks.

However, if you decide to guest post on the blog, check that the DA (domain authority) of those blogs is more than 30. Because, the importance of backlinks from websites with high DA is much more important to Google.

Note: You can use the website “websiteseochecker” to check the DA of any website.


YouTube can be said as the best way to promote or market any product, service or content.

The reason for this is that YouTube is the most used video search engine after Google. So, you can also create a channel on YouTube and republish your blog content as video content. In this, you can promote your blog or blog articles to people through videos.

Start creating video content and uploading it to YouTube to build your blog’s branding and reputation. Moreover, when uploading each video to YouTube, you can get high quality backlinks from YouTube with your blog’s link (links) in the description option.

Image submission websites

There are many good “image submission websites” on the internet, where you can submit images and generate quality backlinks for your website. Before submitting each image, be sure to optimize the images. Use proper title tags and website link in the image while uploading.

Some of the high DA / PA image submission websites are –


There are many more such image submission websites on the internet.

If you have read my entire article about off page SEO, then you must understand that in the case of off page SEO, we try to get backlinks from other websites through various means. Remember, domain authority of your blog and page authority of article pages will increase only as a result of high quality backlinks. And, the higher the domain authority of the website, the greater the chance that your blog content will rank better than other blogs in the Google search engine. If you understand and implement the above off page SEO techniques, you will definitely get a lot of benefits in the SEO field of your blog.

Our Last Words,
Remember, if you can optimize your website for search engine by using proper on-page seo and off page seo techniques, your website will have good position in search engine result page (SERP). So, on-page SEO is as important as off-page SEO for a website’s SEO.

So, I hope you have a good understanding of “what is off page seo in Bangla” and “how to do off page seo”. If you have any other suggestions or questions about SEO, you can ask me by commenting below.

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