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Types Of Plugins And Some Recommended Plugins To Use

Important Wordpress Plugin

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Let’s look at the eight WordPress plugins categories and discover what each can do to be helpful to your website.


In addition to secure WordPress hosting, the security of websites is also crucial. A website that is not secure has a high chance of attracting hackers to steal data or malware, as well as financial loss.

Attacks that target WordPress web pages are widespread, and Wordfence’s popular security plugin recorded 4.3 billion attacks by 2020 alone.

Security plugins works to stop these attacks from happening. They have so many  features such as active monitoring, firewall, and blocklisting of malicious IPs.

2.Website Optimization

According to Pingdom according to Pingdom, 34% of users abandon websites that take more than three minutes to load. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your site is optimized.

The plugins for optimizing your website are designed to cleanse your website’s codes and databases, which can significantly improve your site’s performance.

3.Contact Form Plugins 

Contact forms let your users contact your company quickly and conveniently rather than having to search on your website for your email addresses or other methods of communication. This can greatly enhance the experience of users on your site.

If the theme you choose does not have a contact form, there are several Contact Form plugins that are compatible with WordPress websites. The features they offer include a range of configuration and management options that let you have total control over the forms you use.

4.Caching Plugins

Caching plugins produce static copies of websites that are shown to users. This method reduces the amount of data transferred between the browser, the WordPress database, and the server, dramatically improving the site’s speed.

Many plugins for optimizing websites include the ability to cache data. However, certain plugins are designed exclusively to cache.

5.Booking Plugins 

Booking plugins are useful specifically for online businesses. They can allow your customers to schedule an appointment or book your services in a flash.

There are many ways to incorporate Google Analytics functionality into WordPress However, one of the most straightforward methods is to install Google Analytics. Google Analytics plugin.

6.SEO Plugins 

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the effort to make the content of a website to be more prominent in search results. If you’re the owner of an online commercial website, SEO is essential to increase organic traffic and generate sales for your website.

It takes a long time to learn SEO . Fortunately, there are many SEO plugins that SEO plugin can assist you to adopt the best techniques. For instance an SEO plugin that focuses on blog content will perform analyses and provide suggestions directly from the post editor.

7.Pop-up Plugins 

Pop-ups are forms or windows that show up on web pages. Pop-up plugins make it simple to add pop-ups onto your website pages with no technical experience.

They can be a wonderful method to interact with your readers. They can also assist you to build a mailing list which is essential for growing your audience.

8.Image Optimization Plugins 

When properly optimized Images can be an excellent method of making your content more interesting. Incorrect image optimization could cause your website to take longer to load, bloat storage, and bad SEO.

Image optimization software can help reduce the size of your photos without diminishing the quality of your images.

The nine categories covered here only cover the smallest portion of the plugins on the market.

For instance, a webpage builder plugin lets you drag and drop your website builder. A backup plugin can help safeguard your website’s data and social media plugins allow you to incorporate feeds from social media and manage social media posts. This plugin allows the button to be displayed.

We suggest that you determine the requirements of your website and then explore the available plugin options to meet your needs.

To make it easier for you We have provided below a list of important plugins you can install according to your needs.

A List Of The Most Important WordPress Plugins

To help you We’ll tell you that there are plugins that come with the theme. They will be installed automatically after installing the theme and are essential to allow your theme to work. So, they shouldn’t be removed. There are exceptions, such as email marketing that can be bundled with themes. You can remove or add it based on the tool for email marketing you use. In this article, we’ve divided the plugins in two categories of optional Plugins and recommended Plugins. Learn about them in depth.

A. Optional Plugins

1. Classic Editor 

WordPress classic editor lets you use the classic Edit Post screen as you write in your MS Word document or otherwise. Gutenberg Editor  is a default editor for wordpress new version. It is also referred to as Block Editor where you have to choose a block each time you create content. Have to add

2. Code Snippets

There’s a tidy and simple method to use code snippets for your website. There is no need to edit the themes functions.php file. The plugin is usually utilized with the GeneratePress theme. It is the lightest weight theme. Any code is able to be added without disrupting codes. It reduces the number of plugins used to improve the speed of the website.

3. Show Featured Image In Condition On Specific Pages And Posts

This plugin is useful for when you wish the image featured to not be displayed at the top of the page after the page is first opened.

4. Lightweight Social Icons

This plugin is utilized for when you require social media icons for your site’s footer or header that aren’t provided by the theme you use. You can select the color, order size, and much more for the 42 icons that you can select from.

5. Schema Pro

It is necessary to create schema markup on your website . This is done properly making use of this plugin known as Schema Pro. It is a simple way to include schema markups to your site and allows you to show rich snippets of content on search engines, and boost the overall SEO on your site. this is not mandatory as you can include schema in your code and  suggested to use it if you’re operating an affiliate or blog site and wish to earn money from it. This option is not suitable to create commercial websites.

6. Show-Hide/Collapse-Expand

This plugin will answer commonly frequented frequently asked questions (FAQ) in hide mode. You can reduce the size of your blog posts, pages, sidebars. It is possible to compress lengthy lists with it, and block certain content from your users and let them read the content after they click.

7. Wp Show Post

This plugin will display posts on your homepage as a list of posts for a specific category of the categories as YouTube displays the playlists on your channel.

B. Recommended Plugins | Recommended Plugins For A Blog Or Website

1.Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is possibly the best way to shield your blog from being flooded with spam. With it, your website is completely secured and configured even when you are asleep.

2.Easy Hide Login

Although this plugin may not be the only one you need to install so that your website won’t function We would still recommend it to ensure the security of your website or blog. It conceals from view the wp-login.php file and improves the safety of your site. It does not alter the files on your site.

3. Jetpack

This is a plugin that is freemium i.e. it is available in the option of a free version that you can utilize, and then you can move to the paid mode in the event of need, which typically happens when your site has lots of visitors. It aids in improving security and performance. It also provides you with real data on the amount of clicks and visitors to your site.

4. No Self Pings

It is an essential plugin that assists in avoiding misuse of the server resource , and keeping it available to visitors. It stops WordPress in not sending Pings to the website.

5. Rank Math Seo / Yoast Seo

This plugin is vital to optimize your On-Page SEO on your blog posts and websites. Rank Math is a revolutionary SEO product that brings together the advantages of a variety of SEO tools, allowing you to increase your site’s traffic in the simplest way you can.

Yoast SEO is a good alternative to replace Rank Math which is equally useful and vital for the SEO on your website’s page.

6. Table Of Contents Plus

Table of Contents Plus helps your blog appear attractive and, if it is lengthy, the reader can quickly find the article of their interest, and move to it. This might not be required on a regular website, where blog posts aren’t posted.

A robust and user-friendly plugin that automatically generates tables of contents. It also produces an online map of all categories and pages.

7. Web Stories

Web Stories are similar to articles in that they be found in Google searches and come with an permalink, however, people interact with them in the same way as they would through social media posts and it’s an excellent source of driving traffic to your site. . If you’re looking to expand your blog or website quickly then you should install Visual Storytelling for WordPress.

8. Push Notifications For Web Push

The Web Push Push Notifications plugin lets you receive a steady stream of visitors when you release a new post or make any changes to your site . Therefore, this plugin can be used to send push notifications

9. Wordfence Security

This plugin is suggested for monitoring the security of your website by detecting malicious code and also to stop attacks on your website that are hacker-friendly even with its free version. If your blog’s popularity grows and you begin earning money from it, then you could contemplate purchasing the premium plans if you need it, however it will work in its free version. This will be helpful by providing firewall, anti-virus, as well as malware scanner.

10. Wordfence Security

This is among the top plugins I’ve discovered to improve the speed of websites. If you are concerned that your site’s speed isn’t as fast even with the most lightweight images, and fewer plugins, then this plugin can help to cut down the time it takes to login by half or even lower.


It is possible to choose the plugins you want to use based on your needs or business. There is no requirement to install all WordPress plugins and other tools that are listed in this list.

We strongly suggest to download your plugins straight from the plugin directory or using the links within our articles which take you to official plugin websites. Be sure to stay away from all invalid WordPress theme and plugin websites, as they could expose your website to risk.

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