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Audience Analysis And The Future

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Audience Analysis: Marketing’s future will only be determined through data. Knowing your customers is crucial for your business. We’ve been looking towards the future to create an all-in-one platform that is secure and changing with the times.

All-In-One Solution

Our company believes in the value of a complete solution. The digital marketing industry is becoming more complex, particularly in relation to data. Sometimes, this calls for the use of several apps. This is a viable method to give complete traffic statistics, however, they do not provide heat maps. A different option could be specific to user feedback and surveys however none of them offer an automated tracking tool for conversions.

One of our main goals of ours is to help make the work of business owners and marketers more efficient, cost-effective, and secure. This is why we provide an all-in-one solution to online analytics as well as digital marketing.

You’ll save money since you do not have to manage so many applications, and you have better control over your data as the data is centralized.

Web Statistics

Traffic Structure – Organizations are able to know the percentage of their traffic comes from direct sources and how much is accessed the website via email or social media channels. organic search results or referrals.

This information is also broken down into different categories like the top-performing channels, time spent per channel, the number pages per channel that are visited and bounce rate for each channel.

Traffic charts – Check out traffic charts and easily view the most popular weeks, months and hours of a website.


Visitors – Get a glimpse of the activities of visitors in real-time: the most recent visitors, maps, location and much more.

Page Visits – Review how each website performs, figure out what content is the most popular, and what improvements can be made and how to optimize the content and website Based on the data.

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The landing pages that visitors first arrive on a site can help businesses find the most popular pages on its site and how they behave following their first encounter with the brand or aid in the improvement of their websites. It can also give them some ideas on.

Conversion funnels – Conversion funnels can be extremely important tools that digital marketers can use. A funnel that shows the conversion rate of most crucial methods (shopping or registering or sign-up and more.) should not be an alternative but is an absolute requirement.

OS Device, Browser, OS Find the percentage and number of users divided by the kind of OS, device, or browser that is used to access the website!

Competition Analysis- Find out more about how various competitors stack up against each other. Compare and check average visits, web browsers as well as device usage as well as display quality.

Campaigns -Track all traffic that comes from PPC campaigns A/B tests newsletters, online media promotions, and other sources.

Campaign Visitors – Keep track of the activity of visitors to the website, which sources they’ve come from, as well as the kinds of content they’ve viewed.

User Behavior

Event Tracking – Every interaction with a website could be tracked with event tracking. We provide custom and automated tracking solutions, so you can trust our software to track events on your site or add your own events.

Heatmaps – A heatmap can be described as an image representation of the user’s activity (clicks or scrolls, etc.) in various parts of a webpage. It’s an advanced web analytics tool that allows site marketers and owners to better understand the behavior of visitors more efficiently.

They display warm colors like yellow, red and orange on areas of high activity. They also display cool colors for certain activities such as green or blue, and none of them represent any significant activities.

Session Recording- Recording sessions aids website owners in understanding the reasons for drop-offs and where they occur on their sites. These recordings are beneficial when trying to identify usability issues on websites.

Conversion Funnels – A customer’s journey through a website’s pages is more easily tracked through Conversion Funnels. Conversion funnels are an crucial tool in digital marketing. It can give information on the conversion rates of various processes (i.e. how many people purchase an item, sign up for a product, read certain pages or sign up for the newsletter).

Feedback From Visitors

Surveys – Create questions on multiple pages that anyone is able to complete.

Voting – Integrate instant feedback bubbles directly into a website.

Future Plans

Visitors Path Analysis – View anonymous pages that have been cached by people who visit a site.

Social Media Tracker – See all the important data and information regarding social media channels linked to in one central location and at an instant.

SEO Module – Get the basic information about a website’s ranking and provide suggestions for improving the rankings.

Outgoing traffic analysis – see the location of visitors after leaving the site.

Chat Module v1.0 It allows you to get in touch with your visitors or clients by using a simple rules-based (support) Chat tool.

Ecom Stats – Get statistics specific to websites that sell e-commerce.

Form Analytics – Browse every form on a website and see detailed statistics for each field on the form, along with overall details of each form.

The Future Of Personal Privacy

Every year, a new year brings new laws on data privacy or updates in existing law.

The privacy center for data within our app can be customized to satisfy any requirement: CCPA, GDPR, TTDSG, ePrivacy, and more.

When privacy laws for data evolve, our primary concern is to remain current. Hence your data will always be protected with us.

Privacy Center offers a choice of four privacy options:

default privacy

basic privacy

Cookies-free tracking

complete protection

You are in complete control over the security of your personal data.

You can select no anonymity using the default privacy and go all until you are completely anonymous and secure user data. complete security.

If you start in cookie-free tracking mode, you are able to begin accessing more data legally and ethically, but without having to lose the cookie consent banner .

Completely secure No tracking data or cookies are created or stored, and personal details of the user’s device are not accessible.

There isn’t any digital fingerprint in any way. Personal data is not kept. Cookies are not employed. 

This means that 100 percent of the ethically derived analytical and statistical data is accessible to users to use in making decisions about improving the website.

For more information on the Privacy Center, see our GDPR and Data Privacy Hub.

The Future Of Technology

To stay on top of the developments, we are currently speaking with specialists in this field on how metaverse, web3, AR/VR blockchain, metaverse, and other technologies in the future will impact the world of web analytics and digital marketing and, as such. We are looking to adapt to the new technologies.

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