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How to Boost Instagram Engagement in 10 Easy & Effective Ways

How to Boost Instagram Engagement in 10 Easy Effective Ways

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Businesses and marketers are always looking for new techniques to engage with their customers. Instagram has a great deal of potential for promoting brand awareness. But to fully utilize this platform, you require more than just an account and an audience.

Why is Engagement on Instagram Important?

Instagram engagement is not about how many users are following you, but about how your followers interact with your posts. Engagement metrics include:





Stories views

Brand mentions

Link click-throughs

Direct Messages 

Interactions with stories stickers

The Instagram algorithm also considers engagement when deciding what content to show users.

How to Improve Engagement on Instagram

Instagram’s prominence, effective social media marketers place a high value on Instagram engagement. Here are some tips for boosting Instagram engagement.

Tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram

  1. Your Audience
  2. Captions with CTAs
  3. Audience through creative interactive stickers
  4. Post valuable content
  5. Instagram Stories & Reels
  6. Posts to encourage more engagement
  7. Collaborate with industry influencers
  8. Instagram lives
  9. Power of hashtags
  10. The audience is the most active

Here’s how you can increase your Instagram engagement.

1 . Your Audience

Finding your audience is the first step in keeping your following interested. You won’t know how to provide material that engages people if you don’t understand what interests and inspires them.

Create buyer personas: This is a precise illustration of your ideal client. What are their needs and pain points?

look at the Instagram audience insights: You may obtain demographic data about your audience right here. Click “Audience” in the “Insights” section. You may see information on the people 

Profiles of your competitors: Who comments and likes their posts? What information do they share? How do they communicate with their fans?

Social listening tools:  Anyone can use this to keep tabs on any mentions of your company or its goods. Take note of what people are saying and what you should address.

2. Captions with CTAs

Strong captions achieve three objectives. They:

  • Give the photographs in your post some context.
  • bring out the personality of your brand
  • Encourage your audience to act

It is also time to encourage individuals to take action after you’ve created an engaging caption describing the post’s subject and added hashtags and emojis.

3. Audience through creative interactive stickers

You can use the measurement and communication story stickers available on Instagram to increase engagement with your posts. 

Ask your followers entertaining questions, such as multiple-choice ones, with the quiz sticker.

Use the music sticker to animate your story with music or lyrics. Be imaginative and choose a song that fits the occasion, such as upbeat music for a Monday motivation post.

Use the poll sticker to solicit feedback from the public. They may prefer certain packing options or certain products over others.

4. Post valuable content

It creates original material that people may return to or share with their networks. There are a ton of Instagram post concepts here, but to get things started

  • Infographics with eye-catching advice
  • Charts and graphs are used to display data.
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • On creative concepts

5. Instagram stories & reels

Actually really enjoy watching Instagram Reels when they’re interesting. For marketers and business owners, these quick, engaging videos are a great way to increase page visibility and interaction.

There are countless uses for Instagram Reels, including sharing before-and-after movies, customer experiences, interactive how-to videos, and behind-the-scenes looks.

6. Posts to encourage more engagement

To encourage even more participation, be inventive and incorporate videos. Employ them for:

  • User-created material
  • Tutorials for products
  • A number of product views
  • Photos of the before and after
  • Brand History
  • Customer feedback

Weekly design challenges are held by Canva, and the highlights of each week’s theme are shown in carousel posts.

7. Collaborate with industry influencers

An interactive platform is Instagram. If you aren’t interacting and interacting with other accounts, what’s the point?

Engaging with other accounts that have similar interests widens your reach and attracts new followers. Even better is when the other accounts are those of influential persons in the sector who have far wider networks. Influencers can improve your visibility and expose your business to consumers who would have been difficult to reach without them because they have devoted fan bases.

8. Instagram lives

Instagram live videos provide a more engaging experience for your fans. They get to meet you personally and engage in interesting conversations with you.

  • Q&A sessions on your brand, products, or relevant topics.
  • Sneak peek sessions for a product you’re about to launch.
  • Discussions on current trends or events in your industry.
  • Customer support FAQs.
  • Learning sessions with industry influencers.

Tap into the power of selling during live sessions with Instagram Live Shopping (one of our digital marketing trends of this year).

9. Power of Hashtags

You are passing up a great chance to have your material appear in the feeds of potential followers if you are not using Instagram hashtags. In order to categorize your posts and be found by readers who are interested in a particular subject, use hashtags.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, but you shouldn’t use them all on every post. Focus on the ones that are most pertinent to the article so that you can draw the right audience to each one.

10. The audience is the most active

If you post when your audience is asleep, well, if only there were a method for them to see from dreamland, then your memes may be funny and your content beneficial. However, there isn’t. Therefore, publish when your audience is most active.

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