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How to Do SEO On Your Blog Post

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You can learn how to do SEO on your blog through today’s blog. The contribution of SEO in the world of blogging is immense. Blogging is easy to talk but hard to do. Because blogging requires a lot of effort. Day and night should be spent on blogging.

The first step in starting a blog is to think about what topic you want to blog or website about. No matter what topic you are creating a blog or website about, you should choose your blog name according to your subject matter. Remember that the main keyword must be related. Choose a domain name that is easy for visitors to remember. Instead of choosing long domain names, I will choose between short ones.

When shorting again, do not short so that the beat is reversed. Think you’ve taken a domain name like:, If you do this, you will definitely lose visitors. For example, our website name is where we upload our blog but related to main keywords. 40% SEO depends on your domain name. If visitors go to Google and search nextwinz, my blog will appear on the first page of Google. If there is no tune on the blog. Because here domain name is related to the main keyword. Therefore, before taking the domain, select the domain name by checking a lot.

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Blog Title and Meta Tag:
Present your blog title nicely while creating your blog. Put meta tags within the blog with 150 keywords. Add meta tags based on the subject matter of your blog. Then surely you will get good traffic on your blog.
Website Design:
You must design your blog beautifully to present it well. The template you use on your website should be 100% SEO compliant. So that the blog should be presented beautifully no matter what device you are on. And yes, remember one thing with the addition of mobile in the present age you will especially note that the blog can be presented well from the mobile.
Loading Time:
Suppose you tune into a website about a topic and another person tunes into another website about the same topic. It takes 30 seconds to load your website and 15 seconds to load someone else’s website. So, you say the visitor will dive into which? As a result, your website’s visitors will decrease. Try to reduce the loading time for this.
Menu Bar:
Arrange the menu bar of your blog beautifully so that visitors can easily understand what the subject matter of your blog or website is related to. Be sure to link to the site level or category link menu so that no error page comes.
Create internal links within your tune. Add a link to another tune inside a tune. This will make your blog rank easier. The better the internal links, the better the site’s rank.
Make your main keywords bold/italic so Google robots can find your tune easily.
Add to google webmaster tools to rank your blog. Before adding, you must keep 5 tunes on your blog.

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