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How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing

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There is no way to discuss the impact that social video has on all of us today. Millions of people visit these sites like Facebook and Twitter. So many of these advisors go without saying how much technology you need to market your business. The technique of promoting a business on Facebook to increase sales has been done by many large corporations before.

Facebook live videos are only getting more popular day by day. According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s watch time crossed 100 million hours a day a long time ago, and is currently counting! 80 percent of consumers are more interested in learning about a product by watching a Facebook Live video than by reading a blog, says research by Livestream.

Therefore, any business should not sit in this situation and arrange a marketing model targeting Facebook Live. Today’s blog is about how Facebook Live can help shape your marketing strategy!

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Find Out the Target Customer

There is a term used a lot in business, that is TG i.e. target group. This is very important, if the aim is not correct, all efforts can fail. First select, exactly which customers you want to reach through Facebook Live. Then analyze their profile.

Finally, let’s decide what to do in the Facebook Live video to keep customers engaged. Because the retention rate on social sites is very important.

Set Goal for Facebook Live

When your target customers are ready, then define your own business purpose and set goals. Just like your other social media posts, Live should have a purpose. How many of your viewers are watching Facebook Live, you will get this information from analytics. From there, decide who is consuming what content, and what is performing well, and run more of that content.

Engagement is more important than views because Facebook likes more than 1000 viewers if even 100 people are engaged on Facebook Live by liking, commenting, and sharing. With these in mind, prepare goals in line with your own business.

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How To Generate Revenue from Facebook Live

There are usually several ways you can generate revenue, such as sponsorships, affiliates, merchandise, and direct products or services. It would be wise to focus on these going forward.


You must have a community on your Facebook page and group. And this community is also a target demographic in a business sense. So, by using them you can offer sponsorship to other corporate companies. It is possible to generate a good amount of revenue through such paid sponsorships.


Here comes the partnership. Can do business with other creators in the affiliate model. Most content creators don’t create products, but their content comes with different products. So, if they don’t approach you approach them instead. And sell your product to their audience at a discount. As your credibility and brand value increase, sales also increase.

Merchandise, P0roduct or Service

This sector is very advanced in foreign countries, it is also advancing in our country. His fans are interested in buying many celebrities’ merchandise, but he can no longer make it himself, so third-party companies make it for them and can make a good profit. And if you have your own product or service, there is no question.

All these can be done on Facebook Live. The live audience is more than normal video on Facebook, if you want to spread your service to this large population, it is only possible to get good results if you plan ahead.


Facebook Live allows you to interact more closely with viewers, allowing for greater engagement and above all increasing your chances of engaging more deeply with everyone. So, try to offer more to viewers during Facebook Live to keep them engaged.

For example, you can give a free shout-out, give away or give a special promo code only for the viewers of that time.

You can also have special rewards for sharers and mentions of friends in the comments. In this way, by implementing new ideas every day, you can easily increase the scope of your business by using this tool of immense potential! And to improve the marketing of your own business on Facebook to a unique level, you can enroll in the 10-minute Facebook marketing course at the school right now!

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