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What is On Page SEO? How to do on page SEO?

On Page SEO

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Each topic has specific number of parts. To know the subject completely, each part should be known well. Similarly, there are many checklists in SEO If you don’t know that, you won’t know SEO completely. In this article, I have shared on-page checklists Let’s know the on-page SEO checklists.

Using main keywords in the title.

The title is the most important to rank any content. If you don’t give your title correctly then your content will not come in the ranking. And if your keyword tie is not in the title then how will your content be found? For this, you have to give your main keyword in the title. For example: If your main keyword is “Learn SEO” then you are in the title

  • Learn SEO within 7 days
  • Best way to learn SEO
  • Complete guide to learning SEO.

In this way the title should be given using the main keyword.

Content Optimization
Content Optimization

Keep the title within 60 characters.

According to Google rules, the title should be kept within 60 characters. If you give more then it doesn’t show fully on the first page. At the end of the title… comes The visitor does not fully understand when he reads it. As a result he doesn’t even click. For this, the title should be given within 60 characters.

Using keywords in headings.

We use a lot of h2, h3 headings in the content. In which keywords should be used. Only then Google bot can easily know about your content and give it ranking.

Using keywords in the meta-description.

We use meta-description Google bot checks that. And if the keyword is not found there, then Google will not correctly understand what the article is about. Then it will not be ranked. Therefore, keywords must be used in the meta-description.

Meta-description should be kept within 150 words.

According to Google rules, the meta-description should be kept within 150 words. And if you give more than 150 words then it will not show on google search engine page. For this, the meta description should be kept within 150 words.

Keep paragraphs of content small.

To increase readability of content. Keep the paragraphs of the article short to increase the attention of the customers. This will increase the SEO of your article. Customers can easily read Google will also give ranking easily.

Using keywords in URLs.

To make the content more SEO informative, use keywords in URLs to increase rankings. But don’t overdo it, just use it once and keep the ERL as small as possible.

Image optimization.

The images used in the content must be optimized. Size should be used correctly. Allot tags must be used The format should be given correctly. If an image is properly optimized and used, then you will see that it will also rank in Google’s image.

Reduce image size.

An article or website page uses one or more images. And if these images are not reduced in size, then the page will take a long time to load. This will annoy the visitors. Therefore, before using any image, reduce the size of the image from the compressor site and then use it on the site. Then you can easily load them.

Using allot tags on images.

Alt tags are important for image SEO. Using alt tags correctly helps Google’s bot understand what the image is about And will add it to Google Images section. For this reason, the setter allot tag must be used while using the image.

Not doing keyword density.

This is another important aspect of SEO Many of us think that the more keywords we use, the more we will rank. Actually it is completely wrong. According to the correct rules, keywords can be used maximum 3-5 times in a 1000 word article. If you use more than this, it will fall into the keyword density. Google’s robots will never rank your content when they realize that.

Use internal links.

Internal linking is linking any page or content of the website with the specific text of the content.

In your article, link the different texts of the website to different content. Then the customer can easily go to that page by clicking on that link. This will keep the customer on your site for a long time That will help a lot in ranking. But don’t overdo it. Do as needed.

Using external links.

But do it properly. You linked with SEO. Clicking on the link will take you to another spam page. It can’t be done.

So far today, if you like it, share it with your friends. Comment if you have questions. Thank you



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